How Believers Miss It

“Son, you are always with me, and everything that belongs to me is yours”

This was a “son” who did not realize that their father had already earlier “divided his assets between them(he and the younger – prodigal – son)”. He did not understand that everything left was his.

All he kept doing was work “like a slave for” the father, and he “never disobeyed” his “commands”. So, he expected his father to pay him back by, at least for once, giving him “even a goat so that” he can “celebrate with my friends”.

That is to say…the father owes him; the father is indebted to him since he has worked his ass off in living right and obeying all his commands.

Yet he missed one very very obvious fact about his relatioship with his father. Namely: The father had “divided his assets between them” and “everything” the father “had was his”.

So then, he had lived his life trying to work for stuffs that were already his. He always would have gone into the barn and taken a cow (and not a goat) to kill for his friends….ANYTIME he wanted.

Of course he didnt know that. How could he? He did not understand sonship. he did not understand what the father had done earlier.


God did not say that his people will be destroyed because they do not pray. Naaa. Lack of knowledge about their new kingdom is what will make them perish.

Jesus’ suffering, condemnation, death, resurrection and ascension did something for us who are now sons. We now have access to all that is God’s. Peace, love, riches, mercy, victory, health and so much more. We have them abundantly.

The father never received the younger son with any sort of condemnation, even when his fellow brother came with loads of it.

Better knowledge of your father equals better fellowship with him.

Note: The prodigal son is expected to now appreciate fellowship with the father more than his older brother ever will.


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